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Pericardial effusion

Hi there

I had my 20 weeks anomaly scan yesterday and found out I'm having my 7th little boy!! 😁

Whilst taking all the usual measurements she said everything looks great but she did notice some fluid surrounding the heart which was measuring 3.4mm, I have been quickly referred to a fetal medicine unit who I had a phonecall from this morning giving me an appointment for next Tuesday, they also took bloods to check for parvovirus/fifth disease.

I was just wondering if anyone here has gone through this before? It's very new to me and although you try and think the best you can't help but worry, thank you in advance.

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Hey. I just found out yesterday that my baby has fluid around the lungs and ive got a scan tomorrow with fetal medicine. I no how u feel. I have been an emotional wreck hopefully everything turns out good. Just keeping thinking positive. And plz update when u know. Im thinking that its a similar to what my baby has. And this is my fourth baby.

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