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12 weeks intestine still in cord?

Has anyone else gone through this? I went for my 12 weeks scan this morning and the ultrasound nurse seemed worried that the intestines haven't left the cord and entered the stomach yet. Now I'm left freaking out until the neonatal specialist calls me to be seen. I'm already scared so the more positive the stories and outcomes the better. She said if it doesn't correct itself that the baby would most likely need surgery when it's born to place the organs where they need to be. This is my third child and I've never been high risk before thanks ladies.

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This sounds like an omphalocele. My baby will has this. I'm due in 3 weeks. There is a facebook page called Mothers of Ompaloceles (MOOs) and it is a wealth of information and support.

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My baby had this too amongst other things and I lost him but there are so many positive stories. Happy&Health is right, that group is amazing.

Yours also may be gastrochesis. Happy to chat with you if you need more information.

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