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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Pregnant with no HCG?!?!

So Iím dealing with an absolutely crazy situation. Iíve been TTC for almost 3 years now. I chronically test with both OPK and HPTÖlike multiple times a day. My cycles are usually 28 days like clockwork. However, since February, the cycle length has been shorter, periods have been lighter and OPK was somewhat confusing in March to the point where I couldnít really tell if I ovulated or not. ALL HPTs (multiple brands/types) have been BFN. I have a history of endo, so I thought maybe I needed another laparoscopy. So I go in to OBGYN, he does an internal sono and thereís this sack with what appears to be a fetal pole in it. It measured at 6w 3d, but had no heartbeat. Both blood & urine HCG tests were 0. The thing is, theyíve clearly been 0 this whole time or I would have caught it with HPT. Dr. is insisting on D & C, but Iím not sure enough of what is going on to jump to that extreme so quickly. Tried going to hospital & since my HCG was 0 they refused to do another sono to check things further. All the pregnancy clinics in my town and surrounding areas are the same (no positive urine = no sono). Iím left with absolutely no way to figure out whatís going on.

In the meantime, I continue to bleed sporadically. Pretty good flow with a few small clots, but nothing like usual (I usually bleed and clot A LOT, so this is definitely less than usual). Other than this, all pregnancy signs are present (sore breasts, slight nausea, extreme fatigue, gas, full-feeling abdomen, headaches, slightly elevated blood pressure, REALLY high cervix, stringy fertile-like CMÖEVERYTHING Iíve always had with all 7 of my previous pregnancies)

Iím extremely confused & stressed out already, so if you have negative comments, please just keep scrolling. Iím looking for specific information.

1. Has anyone had any personal experience, or personally know anyone who experienced, a stealth/cryptic pregnancy (pregnancy with no HCG for weeks or months)?

2. Has anyone had a heartbeat be undetectable past 6w 3d then later get a heartbeat? Iíve had 7 kids and I would swear mine were more around 8 weeks, but canít remember for sure.

Iím not so far out as to believe that Iíll be pregnant for years as some literature suggests is possible with these ďcrypticĒ pregnancies, but it seems at least somewhat reasonable to me that a hormonal imbalance caused by stress etc. could cause HCG results to be off. Whatever the case, this baby grew for 6w 3d completely undetected by HPT. Therefore, whatís to say it wonít continue to grow? And whatís to say 6 weeks with no heartbeat automatically means it was a miscarriage? Iím just confusedÖplease help!!!

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I have no experience of this, but didn't want to read and run. I am really sorry you are going through this.

Can you get a scan at a private clinic? Or surely if a doc is assuming its a mc, you should be able to get a follow up scan to see if it has resolved itself? (Obviously with the hope that it was not a mc and the pregnancy has progressed.

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