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Friable cervix

Hi ladies. I'm 11 w 5 d. Last night I wiped and had a good bit of rust colored bleeding. Scared me to death. Went to ER and diagnosed w friable cervix. Dr said blood wasn't coming from uterus. We saw babe...beautiful heartbeat of 163. Measuring 2 days ahead. He said no sex ( I had had sex for the first time the while pregnant the night before, which probably caused it). I'm already getting pretty big ( second baby) and was looking forward to telling ppl after my 12 week appt this Friday. Now I feel like I shouldn't. Dr said last night miscarriage rate was less than 2% but seeing blood last night makes me feel like it's pretty fragile. What would you do? Not tell ppl and wait another month or so, or go ahead and share the news? Any of you ladies have a similar experience? I'm so gutted.

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Yep, I have had recurrent bleeding that's been driving me INSANE this pregnancy. And after 5 repeat losses, it's been a rollercoaster ride this time.

I had bleeding at 5.5w, then nothing, then bleeds from 10w onwards. Everything from pink to brown to bright red, but painless. For awhile they chalked it up to constipation (which does trigger it). For us sex wasn't a trigger since we were too afraid to DTD anyways.

Then I had a bigger bleed at around 15.5w - went to the ER, they couldn't find anything in the uterus bleeding, so it was still unexplained at that point. I continued to have occasions of bright red bleeding, painless, but tapered off fast to spotting then clears up. Sometimes triggered by things like constipation, but sometimes nothing at all. At 17w they did a transvag scan that found a low lying placenta (2cm away from the os) that they said might have been the source of the bleeding.

I continued to have episodes of self limiting bleeding off and on, usually every 1.5-2w apart, but it never lasted long. It pretty much felt and looked like a nosebleed but from down there. Everything was fine in our testing and scans, I can feel baby move and I have a doppler to reassure me. At the anatomy scan last week all was normal too. I had a consult with a high risk OB this week, and they did a speculum check and finally found the cause of the bleeds - ectropian cervix (cervical erosion). They also said that pelvic rest wasn't necessary.

So yesterday me and DH had intercourse, and BAM - triggers a big bleed. I bled off and on all day, was on the phone with L&D all day, and it seems like even though it felt like a lot of blood (red bleeding off and on for almost 14 hours) that it's all within normal for an ectropian cervix. So now I'm back to pelvic rest and much frustration with my very high libido!

Anyways, long story is, in my case it seems to be freaky as hell to experience but harmless to the baby. It's very scary though. We didn't announce our pregnancy until just this week after the anatomy scan, but that had nothing to do with the bleeding, more that after all the losses we wanted to be assured by a good anatomy scan before we told everyone.

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