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Looking for hope/positive stories after low HCG levels came back in bloodwork

Hi everyone! I'm terrified I'm going to miscarry after having HCG levels taken and tiny bit of spotting this morning. This is my story:

April 20th- Woke up 2 am violently ill, didn't think I was pregnant but took First Response pregnancy test just in case, was positive

April 20th- Had urine sample done by doctor. It came back very faint so they followed up with blood work. HCG levels- 41

April 22nd- HCG levels 61

April 25- Spotted ever so lightly this morning, HCG levels- 163

The doctor ordered me an ultrasound in a weeks time (once he thinks my levels will be high enough for the ultrasound to pick anything up) and more blood work IF they don't see anything

**My sister also had low HCG levels with her second pregnancy however her levels were at 1600 by the 5-6th week.

I'm holding out hope that they have my due date wrong and I'm actually not as far along as they think. The first day of my last period was March 15th. That's why the doctors think I'll be 5w5d pregnant right now. However my last cycle was 35 days and the cycle before that was 46 days. So definitely all wonky for sure.

Please give me any insight you may have and your positive stories! All I can find are stories with unhappy endings

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