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GD and out of control numbers

Sorry if the title sounds misleading. I am currently 17 wks (although I swear I am 16 wks based off conception). My blood sugars have been fine for the most part, and doc is very happy with it. However, I will be going on a trip next Saturday, to California; food heaven. I am going to try my best, but after eating healthy ever since I've became pregnant, I doubt I will be able to stay on track all the time (if not most). They have some foods that you cant find anywhere else. So my question is, if I get off track for 9 days, is it going permanently damage my baby. Would a week of eating bad cause any birth defects? I had an ultrasound last week and baby was fine, and heart was fine too. I just hope I dont have to starve while on my trip, since I am already doing that practically all day while I am home. I dont want to call my ob and ask "hey, I'm going to eat bad for about a week. Is that ok?"

Any experiences please help. Thanks

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