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Not Sure where this to this. Need insight please.

Hello all!

I am new to this group/site and really new to any type of pregnancy forum. I am 34yrs old. This is my 4th pregnancy which was discovered to be twins (di-di) at my 8wk scan. I have 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl, aged 10-5, all healthy 'normal' pregnancies.

I am joining this site/group in hopes that someone might be able to provide some insight on my current situation with this pregnancy. I apologize in advance bc this will probably be a little long.

On 3/27 I had my 8wk US, where the tech found twins (over the belly and transvaginal). My husband and I could clearly see them and their flickering hearts, and listened to both heart beats. The report that came back to my doctor was both measuring right along with my LMP (twin A 1.84 cm, twin B 1.82 cm) with heartbeats at 175bpm. Everything looking good.
This past Thursday (4/27) I had my NT scan. I was 12wk 6days at this appointment. The tech went over my belly for 10 or so minutes, taking measurements; the view was zoomed in the whole time so I assumed she was measuring the one before moving to the other. She did a few swipes back and forth over my belly then abruptly stopped and said "I'm going to get the doctor.' A few moments later the doctor came in and asked me "Were you told you were having twins?" I said yes, I SAW them clearly. He proceeded to tell me they did not see a twin or any sign of a twin, or any sort of remnants that would indicate there was a twin. I was of course devastated. I was too distraught to ask any questions. They did not do any further scans or a transvaginal to try and find anything further. I left there heartbroken and very very confused.

I am familiar with Vanishing Twin Syndrome. My sister in law went through it but it was very clear on her ultrasounds the remnants of the 2nd fetus before it was totally absorbed. I just don't understand how a baby with a healthy, good measurements and a good heart beat just completely disappears to the point that I had to be ASKED if I was told I was pregnant with twins. And why didn't they look to try and find some remnants?

I went to my doctor the next day because I was ready to ask my questions and was just so baffled by all this. The report sent to her from the NT scan said 'No evidence of a twin.' I asked if there was anything wrong whatsoever with my 8wk scan and the babies and she said no. I asked if she thought it was strange that the doctor had to ask me if I had been told I was pregnant with twins and she admitted that yes it was strange and also said it was strange there was nothing to account for the other twin. I've never had any miscarriages or complications with any pregnancies. I did ask if there was any possibility they missed the twin, but explained I knew this was not likely...and my doctor said miracles do happen but I should not expect that. My doctor offered me a follow up ultrasound for my peace of mind and I took it. It is scheduled for this coming Thursday. I am asking for an over the belly and transvaginal US. I am hoping to at least see some remains/evidence of the twin bc it is just so hard for me to believe that there is NOTHING there, and I am the kind of person who needs questions answered to process. And if there is nothing there, I guess I will just have to accept that fact that VTS occurred and everything reabsorbed super quick to the point of no trace.

Is there anyone out there who has dealt with vanishing twins or a hidden twin? I'm driving myself crazy reading and researching but would really love to hear from anyone who may have had any similar experiences as mine.
Thank you in advance and thanks for reading this long long post.

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Welcome to BabyandBump

I don't have an answers to your questions but wanted to let you know i have moved your thread to the Gestational Complications board where hopefully you will get more replies.

can only imagine how upsetting and frustrating this is for you. Good luck Thursday.

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That's so unusual! I'm sorry you had to wait for answers. Did your scan on Thursday provide any answers or reassurance?

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Have you had your follow up scan?

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