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PUL - Methotrexate

hi everyone,
This is the first time I've posted on one of these but after spending the last 4 weeks searching through google and hundreds of forums for someone who's had the same experience as me I decided I would share my story to maybe help someone else who might be going through the same thing (I apologise now its a long story). so I got my first BFP (very faint but still a BFP) 19/05/2017 went to the GP and was told if I was still testing positive in a week to then self refer myself to the local hospital. I then had a bleed 20/21 and tested again on 22nd and still faint positive so assumed from here it wasn't good news and we would have to start again. I then retested 26/05/2017 only because my partner asked me if I had retested so thought I would just do another test it would be negative and then we would be back to square one but atleast I would know. This time I got a very strong BFP and went out and got a digital test which was also positive and 1-2 weeks. So at this point we are on cloud 9... until the next day I started spotting, I have a friend who is a midwife so I spoke to her and as it was a weekend she told me to go to A&E to get checked and referred to EPAU. we did this and was told to come back to EPAU on the following Tuesday (typical these things always happen on bank holiday weekend so you have to wait longer) I had my blood taken to check HCG and progesterone levels and an internal scan. my HCG was only 103, which was low considering I should have been 6 weeks at this point and my progesterone was less than 1 (not a good sign) and nothing found on the scan. I was told it was probably a miscarriage and to expect more bleeding and to come back on the Thursday for bloods again to see if they were doubling as the should or falling. Blood results from Thursday HCG down to 90, they are now more certain it is a miscarriage told to return following Tuesday... my HCG then went up to 252. So now they are treating me as PUL had to return on the Thursday to have bloods again and a scan with a consultant to try and locate the pregnancy. HCG then went down to 202, and scan with consultant only found blood and clotting in my pelvis, so he advised me he believed id had a tubal pregnancy that had aborted itself. I was then told to return to A&E if I had any bad pains or heavy bleeding and that they would take bloods once a week to check level was reducing. returned the following Thursday for bloods hoping the level would have dropped so this ordeal was almost over to find out HCG had risen to 303. they were then concerned that the pregnancy was still growing in a tube or somewhere that it shouldn't be so I was told to come in the next day for another internal scan and then as long as they had satisfied themselves it was not a healthy viable pregnancy a methotrexate injection to dissolve the pregnancy wherever it was. the scan found more blood and clotting but nothing else so I was given my first dose of methotrexate. and told that then counted as day 1 and to come back for bloods on day 4, they expect the hug to rise a little by day 4 but then to fall by day 7. so HCG day 4 had gone up to 317, they are happy this is normal so I come back on day 7 for bloods to then find out its risen again to 340 and told to come back that afternoon for a second methotrexate injection. bloods then checked again day 4 and HCG down to 270. Today is day 7 and I have been this morning and had bloods taken and as I write this I'm awaiting the results praying the levels have dropped again as I am supposed to be going on holiday in 2 days and after this whole experience the thing I need the most right now is a holiday to relax and recover. I will update this when I've had my results but hope this may help someone going through the same thing as I've been through.

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I am sorry you had to go through all that. I also had the methotrexate shot years ago because of ectopic. I did start this thread years ago and you could go through it and see if anything can help you etc... especially the importance of folic acid after the shot and holding off ttc for 3 cycles. xoxoxox take care
TTC after Methotrexate shot

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