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2nd Gestational Sac

Not sure if this is the right place for this question but my sister had her 12 week scan today (first ultrasound) and found out she had two gestational sacs but only one baby. There was no baby in the 2nd sac but the tech said judging by the size and the thickness the baby likely stopped developing around 8 or 9 weeks. There was no sign of baby and she hasn't had any bleeding so the tech thinks her body has already absorbed it and she shouldn't expect any complications with the other baby due to it and her pregnancy should progress as a normal singleton pregnancy from here on out. She wont actually meet with her dr until Monday, so shes hoping this is all true. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Did everything turn out okay for the other baby? I've attached a pic. You cant see the other baby but he/she was there and all measurements were normal. Thanks

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I hope your sister found the answers to her situation

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I can't say that I have been pregnant with this issue but I am a twin that had a vanishing twin at 12 weeks. I am perfectly normal. Not sure if that helps or not but there you go!

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Should pose no risk to healthy baby hun. I had similar but knew i was pregnant with twins but found out one had died around 9 weeks. It eventually disappeared at about 30 weeks but all was fine with surviving twin and no bleeding etc!! All the best x

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I had this 7yrs ago but I bled when 2nd baby had gone.. I have a totally normal son now who was born 10weeks early but not due to the twin situation hth xx

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I had this exact issue with my son. I re absorbed the second sac no issues

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