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24 Urine Results --help!

Hey ladies!

I've had such a hard time this go around with pregnancy, blood pressure and proteins in my urine.

With my daughter I developed preeclampsia around 35-36 weeks, was induced at 37 weeks. This time around, my blood pressure has been high the whole time. At first at home, it was normal, but it's been slowly creeping up in the very high 80's. It's always high at my doctor appointment, so he sent me in for a 24 hour urine test (as I also had +1 protein twice). These are my results...can someone help me figure out what they mean? I haven't been by to see him again yet for him to explain and it's stressing me out.

I was also given steroid shots for the lungs, I'm getting weekly NSTs and BPPs and seeing my doctor every 4-5 days until delivery.

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Did you manage to figure it out?

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Creatinine is a measure of kidney function. The protein in your urine coupled with the increased blood pressure could suggest preeclampsia. I also had this with my first pregnancy. My blood pressure was normal with my second and high with my third but no other symptoms of preeclampsia. I took methyldopa throughout my third pregnancy and went on "partial bed rest". With my first pregnancy I was on hospital bed rest. I was also instructed to rest on my left as much as possible as this decreases the workload on the heart. Don't stress out. I would get as much rest as possible and avoid stressing. Call your OB and ask for someone to interpret your results for you. Congratulations on your pregnancy and take car of yourself and your LO.

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