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Anyone have or have had this condition? What was your pregnancy like? Among many other complaints, I notice that now at 33 weeks (but measuring 37) I'm having a hard time catching my breath and breathing at night. The heartburn has been horrible, the swelling has been worse this time from the excessive fluid, I also keep getting quite a bit of BH and I get indigestion so easily from there not being enough room in my stomach. I can't imagine going through 7 more weeks of this! I'm so ready to be done now but I want baby to stay in as long as possible.

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One of my twins had this, I had bad heartburn and swelling. In my case my son was diagnosed with tracheaesophogeal fistula which explained his polyhydraminous. They were born at 33 weeks. However there were two and I also had cervix issues on top of that. It's something they should be keeping a close eye on!

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