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So update from me (Bonnie I see your little man joined you!! Congrats and exciting!! Hope all went well)!

My 1 hr readings have been a bit high so I'm adding in 10 min walks after meals. Outside if we can all go together or my husband can stay home with the kids and just marching in place after breakfast. 3 times a day for the next... 70 or so days? Lol!! I was sick, and my kids weren't sleeping (so I wasn't sleeping) the past 3 days, plus I wasn't really having a nighttime snack, and I had a few high fasting numbers! One was 5.5 and they want me 5.2 or lower.

I couldn't really figure out the culprit and I was just convinced that I needed insulin. Cried so much yesterday. Well then last night I decided to have a bedtime snack at 9:30 that had carbs, protein, and fibre. So I had some coconut greek yogurt mixed with plain greek yogurt, a sprinkle of granola, and chia. So about 15-10-5 grams of carbs-protein-fibre. And I slept well because my kids are better... and I got a 4.9 this morning fasting. My sister mentioned my cold might have spiked it too. So I'm feeling better this morning but hopefully if I eat that again for a snack it actually works and isn't a fluke! So bit apprehensive it was just a low fluke number. Meeting with diabetes team on Friday and mw on Wednesday. I had 4 high numbers from Friday-Sunday including 1 fasting. But hopefully my Monday-Thursday numbers will all be good and they will see I've got it under control and let me go another 2 weeks monitoring with diet and exercise.

I really don't want to go on insulin bc then I'll be transferred out of mw care and can't have a home birth!

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