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HCG doubling but Doc thinks low?

Hi all,

I'm new to TTC and this forum, so it's with a sad heart that I start my journey here.

My LMP was Dec 30-Jan 5.
I have 35-40 day cycles so I use opks and temp to pin down O.
This month it was 19-21, with temp and symptoms point to the 21st.
Took a test on a whim at 8 dpo and it was barely positive, but there!!!
Tested BFP again on dpo 10 so I called my doctor and they had me come in.

I'm 10 maybe 12 dpo, but instead of doing a blood or urine test they did an ultrasound? Saw nothing and the doctor told me I wasn't pregnant. I brought up the two hpts and asked them to do a urine or blood test. Beta came back 10.9. They said that was fine as it was so early and asked me to come back in a week later.

Fast forward to today, 17 dpo: ANOTHER ultrasound?! No blood work, urinalysis, nada... We see a sac but he says its too small for being 7 weeks. Ummmm? Even using my LMP that's off, isn't it? At least off from what he said six days ago. So he launches into the possibilities...miscarriage, ectopic, blighted ovum, etc.

This can't be typical can it? I thought I wouldn't even have a scan until at least 8 weeks.

I tried to explain my calculations and asked for another blood test. At first they said no! That it wouldn't matter. Well finally they did one and my levels are 300. More than doubling!!! And every online comparison (wantbaby, beta base, etc) shows that as not being entirely abnormal for this stage.

So to recap:
1.31/ 10 dpo / 10.9 hcg
2.7/ 17 dpo/ 300 hcg

But doc says that's not good enough? It should be in the thousands??

I’m really confused as to why they're going about things this way. I’m not high risk. I've had zero cramping or bleeding.
Are ultrasounds so early normal? I was under the impression they weren't.
Should I consider seeing another doctor or getting a second opinion? He is went from “probably not pregnant” to “probably miscarriage” based off of ultrasounds and is always hesitant to order blood work. I know the internet is in no way a replacement for medical advice but everything I've read seems to contradict what he is saying and doing. I've asked a few friends how their first few visits went and mine is so dissimilar to theirs as well. I don't want to worry for no reason, but I feel like that's what is happening.

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Sounds like your doc is going off LMP rather than your indicated ovulation. My beta was 369 at 11 dp5dt, equivalent to 16 dpo, so your number doesn't seem low to me. You wouldn't see much of anything on a scan that early.

If you are uneasy with this doctor, I'd follow up elsewhere is you can.

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Your levels sound perfect! I would consider changing drs at this point. The hcg is rising and rising very well.

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17 dpo mine was 331. He is 3 months old now

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