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Only one umbilical artery

Iíve just been for a scan to check my cervix isnít shortening because of bicornuate uterus, and that was fine but the sonographer while doing some other measurements on baby found the cord only had one artery.

The specialist came in to talk to us and said itís associated with other abnormalities (kidney, heart, etc) and I have an increased risk of stillbirth, IUGR, preterm birth...which I was already increased risk for due to the bicornuate uterus. He called the sonographer back to do a detailed scan of babyís heart which looked ok. Urgh I just feel like things are stacking against us and Iím not doing a good job growing and looking after this baby.

Iím more worried about the growth tailing off toward the end, the stillbirth risk is really scaring me. Does anyone have any positive stories?

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My second baby had this. I was told all the same things. They did growth scans monthly and after 32 weeks, weekly non stress tests, but he was always fine, and was born 2 weeks early, 7 lbs 13 oz.

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