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Low papp a--- talk me down, please.

So, i am high risk and get all sorts of extra scans and tests. I had the first part of the sequential screening last week and while the genetic tests came back very low risk, the doctor called me today to tell me my papp a was low. He is having me start on aspirin therapy (2 low dose aspirin everyday until 34 weeks) and they are going to monitor me even closer than they already are. BUT, i am freaking out. This baby is my miracle... i have had so many losses (2 second trimester) and i just cant do it again. I have seen a lot of horror stories about stillbirth, low birth weight, complications, etc. So, if anyone has any experiences (good or bad) with a low papp a level, it would be greatly appreciated. I dont actually see the doctor for another 10 days which sucks.

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Low papp-a w my baby boy. Hes 4 months old now! No growth issues, but he did have a two vessel cord instead of 3, which could have caused the low papp-a

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