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UK mum's getting signed off work please help x

I'm having PGP really bad.. I'm 15 weeks and finding it really hard.
My job is lone working.. walking up and downstairs... up and Down ladders and all the correct risk assessments etc have been done but there is only so much they can do to risk assess me. It doesn't change the fact I have to be continually physically active with no sit down and there isn't anyone to ask for help.
I wasn't in this job in my last pregnancy.. I had an office job 5 years ago so it was easy really to manage pregnancy.
Now I'm.struggling.
I also had I controllable GD in my last pregnancy and the consultant thinks this will happen again.
This is my last baby... I'm 39 and we've said no more after this one.
I want to carry on working as far as poss but my head is saying "look after yourself and the baby now or you will suffer later".
My job pays full sick pay.
Any advice how I tackle this?
After my shift last night I was literally in tears in agony with PGP..
Saw my gp on Tuesday who gave me a note to say "no lifting no climbing stairs" but that's a massive part of my.job so it's.made no difference.
Any advice appreciated. X

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I would go back to the gp and ask then to sign you off, I suffered horribly with pgp with ds and was signed off at 23 weeks x

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