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Spd/PGP mumma's

I am really struggling with spd.
I did last pregnancy too but this time it's started like 10 weeks earlier than last time and is intense already.
I am trying to be as active as possible to keep weight off as I've gained a fair bit already and i want an active pregnancy and labour this time round but I'm finding walking takes me out for days after in pain.
Does anyone know what lines of help are available (UK) and what options are if pain gets too bad near the end? Can i push for induction? How early will they induce me? My guess is 37 weeks.
Does anyone have personal experience they can help me with. I had an emcs last time and am desperate to have a natural birth this time but I'm fully aware that may not be possible especially if i end up in a wheelchair x

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Mum (Mom)
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Have you been referred to physio yet for it? I was, I had some useful excercises to ease pain, and also a bump support band given to me, it made quite a difference. They did say if walking was difficult they would give me crutches. (Felt like my leg would go from under me ocassionally)

I'm not sure about induction if SPD is becoming too painful though xx

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