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Really high TSH in early pregnancy... depressed/scared... post kind of long.

Hi, I originally posted a similar post in the first trimester forum. I hope by posting this here I might meet women who are from any trimester with similar experiences. So I apologize if you are seeing this post twice.

3 weeks ago I had a physical with my regular doctor. I told him I was 5 weeks pregnant. Friday (I was 8 weeks and 4 days) I received the results and it said my TSH was 16.48.

This has me extremely worried as many women online say it can cause brain damage, stillbirths, misscarriage, etc.

I've been super depressed all weekend because I found out on a Friday and the doctor's offices are closed, so Im just waiting and feel helpless.

I did have an ultrasound at 8.5 weeks and the OB said my baby looked perfect. The right size with a HB of 174.

Ive read that TSH isnt so much the worrying component at FT4 is... which the doctor didnt test for but will when I go in for my appointment. I read that eating iodine rich foods can increase T4, so I hope my diet and prenatals have lessened the affects on my baby.

Honestly, if they had not tested for the TSH I would not have guessed I had any issues as I've not noticed any symptons.

Does anyone have experience with this? Does anyone have any uplifting stories they can share?

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My cousin found out during her pregnancy that her TSH was 14. Ther dr said he couldn't believe she was even able to get pregnant w that high of a TSH. That baby is now 14 and was just the star of her schools play last weekend.

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