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Inhibin A elevated?

Hello ladies!

I am 20 weeks + 1 day. I saw my doctor today and she said for my blood tests, all the results came back amazing except Inhibin A, which stands at 2.99. She says 2 is what they like to see.

So that brought my down syndrome risk from 1 in 12 000 to 1 in 650.
And now I get extra follow up because it puts me at risk for preeclampsia and growth problem for the baby.

So I am freaking the freak out.
Anyone have nice tests results except this one and everything turned out fine? Because I am a mess right now.

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I don't have personal experience with that but try and remember 1:650 is still a very small chance. That is a 649:650 chance he is fine.

I understand how worrying it is though. Our second hat a large NT measurement. We were told a 1:4 chance he had a problem. We decided on doing the harmony test and it came back clear. He was born healthy.

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