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Unusual bleeding/polyp/thick lining - worried!

Hello everyone, I'm new here and driving myself mad with worry.
I'm hoping someone has been in a similar situation as me and can offer some reassurance 🤞

I'm 5+4 weeks with number 2. (2 MCs so technically 4th pregnancy). This pregnancy wasn't strictly planned....we would be delighted to have a second child, its just happened sooner than expected!

Prior to getting pregnant I had unusual bleeding between periods and was in the process of investigations. Ultrasound showed "lining 11mm and bright. Possible feeding vessel." The consultant told me it could be a polyp and commented that my lining "is a little thick but normal for my age." I was due to have a hysteroscopy which would have involved removing any polyp but in the meantime I had a positive pregnancy test.

I know I can't have the hysteroscopy while pregnant. Stupidly I've googled the thick lining issue and the info I've seen is very scary on many sites but not very clear about whether 11mm is too thick? I should add that it was 11mm on day 14 (ovulation was day 12/13). I'm worried that, if this pregnancy continues, the thick lining and/or polyp could get worse and turn into something terrible. Has anyone had either of these issues and been ok?! I know polyps can increase risk of MC. But if I don't MC and pregnancy continues, am I risking my health by waiting 8 months to see what happens with the lining and polyp?!

I'm due to see the consultant again soon but wanted to know other people's experiences.

Thank you for listening!! xx

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I don’t have a great deal of answers for you but I did suffer with a polyp on my last pregnancy which caused a lot of random bleeding which meant worry,but Everytime they checked baby was perfectly fine,since then I have more smears done and they just keep an eye on the size,I’m now 17weeks pregnant and have no issues with bleeding so nothing more has been mentioned x

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