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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Conceiving w/ late ovulation -- increased risk of birth defects?

Hello ladies, first time poster here desperately hoping to get some insight/advice.

I am really upset and freaked out right now. I read some conflicting information online about whether conceiving w/ late ovulation (particularly CD 20+) is associated with an increased likelihood of birth defects. I ovulated really late this cycle (CD 24 or 25), and I'm 3-4 days late for my period (currently CD 42, I typically have a 14-day luteal phase, but HPTs are still showing negative).

I was wondering if any of you have conceived w/ late ovulation and if there were any negative effects on your ability to carry to term and/or the health of your child? Or if you could just share any thoughts or knowledge you have about this issue? Sadly, I wasn't aware about the potential increased risk of birth defects associated with late ovulation when we were trying earlier this cycle, and now I don't know what to think and am beating myself up.

For some add'l background info, I'm 31 y/o w/ lean PCOS. My cycles have ranged anywhere from 28 to 39 days in the past year.

Please help if you can! It would be much appreciated. Thank you all.

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Huh, I hadn't heard that. I suppose it has to do with egg quality? All of my kids have been born from late ovulation (except my first since I was on birth control and have no idea when I conceived). With my 2nd I ovulated on cd 21, with my 3rd it was cd 28, and this baby cd 23. It's still early in this pregnancy so I don't know with him/her, but my others are very healthy, happy kids with no birth defects.

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I’ve heard similar but I wouldn’t put much stock in it. I always had long cycles O’ing on CD25 or later and I have a perfectly healthy DS.

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