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Success stories after measuring behind?

Hi all, I went on Friday for an ultrasound where I was expected to be 7w4days (positive of my dates). On the ultrasound there were 2 yolk sacs, one gestational sac, and I think two fetal heartbeats detected, but baby measured 6w0days..Tech and Dr didn't explain well of what was seen..Doc scheduled me for a D and C 2 days later..I went in this morning, and the doc scheduled for the surgery said she thinks we "jumped the gun" and said even though the dates were off, everything measured fine for what was seen and could have been too early to see a heartbeat (Note she did not have access to the ultrasound so she couldn't see it, just what the measurements that were written down). So home I went, and now I am an emotional wreck..I feel like I am preparing for the worst, but hard not to get my hopes up..I don't go for another ultrasound for a week! Guess I am just looking for some words of encouragement or similar stories..

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I went for an early scan with my 3rd son, he measured a week behind, i was sure of my dates, they told me i was wrong, went for a scan at 12 weeks, they said oh no your a week ahead that what you thought, i told them it was them that changed the date not me... At this stage its very difficult to measure, that's why the dating scan is 12 weeks. I hope this is helpful, please enjoy xxxx congratulations.

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