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Ketones in Urine at 36 weeks - GD???

Hi ladies

I have recently been in and out of hospital with raised BP and proteinurea and during this time they scanned baby and said he was big for dates. There was some talk of doing another GTT but as I had them at 16 and 27 weeks it was decided to skip it. Now a dipstick urine for protein which also had ketones on it went dark purple straight away. I have been eating a good diet with plenty of carbs and moderate amount of fats. In fact I had pasta for dinner last night and had cashew and peanuts after tea as we had them still around after Xmas. I am now worried that I have GD and perhaps I should be mentioning it. I was given the dipsticks by a friend so I could test for protein over the recent holidays as I have been on high alert for deterioration in my mild PET.

I'm getting a little worried as everything I read states that it can cause problems with baby in utero. I now it can make big babies but can it harm them in regards to miscarriage etc? I am seeing my midwife today so will mention it.

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Crank the protein, and if you are having carbs, make sure they are whole complex carbs, not simple..If you have pasta, make it whole wheat..Milk is simple, avoid it..
Good thing is that you are far enough along..Thank God for that!

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