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Pregnancy w fibroids

Hello everyone,

Im new here and would like some help/advice. I had a late mc @ a little over 16 weeks 4mo ago w our first child. I discovered i had 3 fibroids( they were not detected during my previous scans @ 4, 6 (i had spotting here), or 8wks) during my 13 week u/s, 2 small and 1 about 3cm. I also always had light to moderate cramps most of the time! At the end of the of the pregnancy it had grown to about 4-6cm. Is that big enough to cause miscarriage? It protruded INTO the cavity. Weeks before this i had a lot of heavy pressure in my groin area, I thought it was just growning pains (next time i will not hesitate to contact the Dr for any reason at all) I was under a lot of stress so i dont know if this contributed. My water had broke! Since then the Dr said it has shrunk and doesnt know if its necessary to remove it ( he had trouble getting around it during the D&E.)
So what I want to know is if anyone here has had a similar situation? Did you go on to have a healthy baby with the fibroid? Should I take a chance and try again? Should i remove it first regardless? We really want to have a baby soon and dont know what to do!

TIA to all!

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Hi there, I just saw your post and thought I would share my experience with fibroids as you have not had any response.... firstly sorry for your loss it is such a hard thing to go through.

I have 2 fibroids one protruding into the cavity wall and one on the outer wall measuring 5cm and 3cm's.

My first pregnancy like yours ended in mc at 13/14 weeks, which my consultant did think was likely due to the placenta attaching over one of my fibroids and reducing the blood supply. My fibroids grew in this pregnancy and caused some pain.

After this Mc I had my doctor refer me to see a private consultant. It was expensive but in my case and opinion worth the money as he scanned me and explained my options very clearly. In my case the Consultant did not want to operate to remove the fibroid as it was only affecting 10% of my uterus and unless I had repeated losses he would prefer not to operate, and that (again in my case) I had every chance to have a successful pregnancy, which luckily I did shortly after. Luckily the fibroids did not grow or cause any pain or problems with this pregnancy.

If you can get a referral to have your fibroids assessed before you ttc again it is worth it for peace of mind and to make a decision on whether you need to operate before you try again, I know of others who have had operations to remove fibroids and then successfully went on to have healthy pregnancies.

Best of luck to you xxxx

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Thanks Tillymum, I am currently in the process of taking care of these things now. I just had an ultrasound today to measure the size and exact location. Next will be to have a hysteroscopy to view inside my womb. And tomorrow I have an appt with a new ob just to get a second opinion.
Your baby is BEAUTIFUL!!! You inspire me!

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So sorry about your loss.
I did not have problems with fibroids during pregnancy, I had one fairly large one removed about 1 year prior to us beginning to TTC. Because of the way it grew they had to go into the uterine cavity, and now that we will hopefully have a successful pregnancy, they have told me that I will almost certainly have to have a c-section. Just something to bring up with your doctor and discuss if surgical treatment is an option. Best of luck!


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Hi Ladies, I just found this post......

I have a 2 cm submucosal fibroid, which protrudes into my cavity. I have been ttc for 10 months now with nothing. I did have hysterscopy done 2 years ago and they shaved down the fibroid but i thas grown back. I have seen 3 drs and 1 says to have surgery to remove it and 2 others say leave it as the scar tissue is far worse. Does anyone know someone who has gotten pregnant with this type of fibroid?

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