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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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GTT result not good.

Hi all,just had call from hosp and my result is 7.9 cut off is 7.8,does this now mean i have gestinal diabetes?? i am so worriedas i thought i would be ok i dont have any diabetes symptoms like thirst, headaches etc....feel really low now thankyou xx

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Mum (Mom)
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Hi hun, try not to worry...... How far along are you? Your level is the same as mine was when I had my first GTT and I was diagnosed with GD. It's not as bad as you first think, and there is LOTS of support from the ladies on here

You will need to see your midwife/consultant about your result, but really the reading isn't that high. They will probably go through your diet with you and give you some information as to what to expect next.

There's not much you can do until you have seen the specialist midwife/consultant, but if you wanted to make an improvement, try to control how much carbs/sugar you are consuming, but please don't panic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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