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Diabetic and can't get the blood sugars down

I am type one diabetic and have been for 14 years. I am on the pump. I was on a CGM until I could not keep it in because of my belly growing so fast. I am 30 weeks.

I can eat only protein and water and have my blood sugar go above 200from a starting point of below 100 and take 15 to 20 carbs worth of insulin. I have been in contact with the doctors almost constantly. But they keep going back to I am just not taking care of my self. I am checking 14 time day. eating the best I can. But wow is chocolate tempting when you have just been told that you really do not need to change you pump you just need to eat more protein and veggies. when all you are eating is protein and veggies.

I am so sick of doctors.. who just don't get it.

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Are you using NovaLog ?? I swear by it for my sugars...

Good luck hun, I feel your pain

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