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17P injections side effects??

I get my weekly injections on Thursdays, and just about every Thursday I notice that I have lower abdominal cramping, lower back pain, and a lot of pressure. Are these side effects from the medication, or does it sound more like the medication wearing off from the last time I had it and the new medication not having kicked in yet?

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The only side effects I have are HOT FLASHES!! CONSTANTLY! I am always sweating, I sleep with my window wide open 17 degrees

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it sounds like the meds wearing off. I had this too. Also, do you get the injection in your arm or your butt? If you get them in your arm, I noticed they are more 'effective' for some reason. depends on if you have extra padding on your butt?! but, my second pregnancy I got the shots in my hip and two days before the shot was due again, I had all what you described above. long story short, I delievered at 33 weeks. In my third pregnnacy, I got the shot in my arm (I read about this and my doctor said it was Okay, as my hips and butt are not skinny!) anyway, I went to 38 weeks and my cervix never did open on it's own. I think with getting the shot in the arm, if gets into the muscle better than on my hip/butt. And this time around I never had the feeling that the shot was wearing off.
Oh and I had hot flashes too!! loads of them!

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