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Looped Bowel??

This afternoon I got a call from my Doctor's office and they scheduled me for an ultrasound next week after my 31 week ultrasound showed what could be a looped bowel. I have been searching online to get some information but I am really not finding much. I am absolutely terrified that my newborn baby will have to have surgery right after she's born. Has anyone heard of this this? ANy advice? I just want my baby to be okay!!


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hi - I take it you mean looped bowel in bubs???? I have a looped bowel caused by surgical problems, it doesn't cause me any issues and I only knew about it when they operated to remove a ovarian cyst and they said the cyst was bigger than they expected as it was through my looped bowel. I would ask your doctor/midwife or caregiver as they will probably know factual information rather than stuff on the net that can be very inaccurate.

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Did they say fluid filled loops? x

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