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High DS risk in 1st pregnancy - what are my chances of being high risk again?

Just wondering if anybody has experience of pregnancy after a high DS risk with a previous pregnancy?

We were given a 1-50 chance of Lani having DS... we didnt have any further testing as we just couldnt take the small risk of miscarriage - I didnt have a particularly happy pregnancy with the risk hanging over us.... Lani was then born without DS.

I am pregnant again and have just had a bit of a heated conversation with my OH about having the nuchal and bloods this time.... I have always been adamant that I wouldnt do it again.... but obviously my priorities are different this time as I now have a young DD and now I am actually pregnant, I dont know if maybe I do want the test after all.

Im not saying that by the time I have seen this baba on a scan I wont feel exactly the same as I did before and wont care what our risk is ultimately.. but I am now wondering if I would prefer to actually know either way for sure this time. My OH doesnt agree and doesnt want to risk going through the hell we had last time...

I am losing sleep over this... I cant find any information relating to whether I would automatically be high risk again or if having one child without DS decreases my chances... I am 37 so would be fairly high risk anyway...

thanks xx

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It is my understanding that your only risk is going to be your age. As you didn't have a child with DS your pregnancy was normal. If you had a ds child already then there is a type of DS that is possibly genetic but it's normally just an error in chromosomes so even then the chances are remote.

I'm afraid i can't advise on the testing really, i think you just have to do what you have to do but unless your risk after the nuchal AND bloods is 250 in the UK they won't give you a CVS or Amnio as you are screen negative.

The only way to acurately know is if you have a CVS or Amnio though... the nuchal and combined bloods only gives you a possible risk factor (which as you know doesn't tell you for sure).

I hope you don't spend this pregnancy worrying, i know it's easier said than done (worrying myself due to 1:550 which i know is good odds of no DS but not 1:13600 which was last pregnancy) but you should try to avoid adding worries that are unfounded and illogical unless you get confirmation, there is enough we worry about already! :-)

Hope everything goes well!

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