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4mm of fluid on fetal kidney?

hey ladies,
I thought I would post here too, as I am a little worried. On my 24 week ultrasound they noticed about 4mm of fluid on one kidney. I didn't think anything of it, the MW assured me it was nothing to be too concerned about. they called me yesterday and had made me another appointment for an ultrasound on December 20th. I am concerned now, and after doing some reading it says that sometimes kidney fluid can be a marker for Downs Syndrome (I shouldn't have googled ). I know that DS isn't the end of the world. Bit it certainly instills fear into my heart, as it for some reason has been a worry of mine from the start.
Any information, or encouraging words would be so helpful. I guess my biggest worry about having a baby with DS is just about my bond with her... I worry about my ability to get past it, I don't know how to put it in words. I feel so selfish.

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I was told that 4 or below is considered normal although 4 is at the high end. I was told that my baby had fluid in her kidneys in the normal range but at the high end, had another ultrasound a week later and it was completely gone. I wouldn't worry too much. I have been told it will most likely go away on it's own and if it doesn't the worst case is the baby will need antibiotics once she is born. If you're baby had ds I think there would be other indications on ultrasounds. I'm sure she is fine.

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