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Echogenic Bowel

Never thought I'd need to be in this section. I guess I figured I was young (25), fit, healthy...i.e never drink,smoke or do drugs. I don't eat McDonalds (except like 3 times a year )....I eat healthy. What more could I do to ensure I have a healthy, happy baby. ??

Went to our 19wk scan. The next day they called and said they had found the baby had an echogenic bowel (showed up brighter on the scan then it should).

Could mean quite a few bad things (Cystic Fibrosis- but both DH and I would have to be carriers and I don't think we are) of course I'm worrying like crazy.

Don't get to see the Dr. til tomorrow.

Anyone know anything about this....

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I don't have any idea about this specifically, but I have seen a few threads over the last few months about it, so I know there are some other ladies who do. Just wanted to send your way, I am also young and figured being young and healthy, my chances of having anything wrong were slim. However we found out at 19 week u/s that LO has kidney disease, and it has gotten easier to deal with as time has gone on, we can't change it, but we are learning all we can to ensure we get LO the best treatment and you will too. Maybe try searching this forum, as I know there are some older threads that may have some advice in them or at least lead you towards some women to talk to!

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