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Failed GTT

So I had my one hour GTT last week, failed it with a 165 and was setup for a 3 hour test. I had that one yesterday, and received a call back from my OB this morning informing me that I failed that one as well. They are referring me to a diabetic center for GD to receive a special diet, a glucometer to test my sugars each day and a logbook as well as taking a class.

I had insulin resistance previous to this pregnancy due to PCOS and have been on Metformin throughout at 850mg twice a day. Since I didn't realize I was pregnant until week 22, I had continued to take the Metformin. At my last appointment they instructed me to stop taking it. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this and if stopping to take the Metformin will make the GD worse or have no effect on it. If I'm better off taking it to help at least control the GD even a small amount it is totally worth it to me. Any advice would be appreciated!

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Unfortunately I cannot help you. I don't really know. Did they ask you to stop taking the metformin before the GTT or after?

If after then I really don't know as if diet does not control GD then they put you on metformin first.

If before it may be they can get an clear reading as to whether you have GD perhaps?

I hope you get the answers you want soon.

PS. Love the name you have chosen for your little man. I love Jonah as a name!

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I was on metformin for PCOS as well and continued until wk 20 (my ob/gyn said that it was usual to stop at 12wks, I wanted to continue until end of pregnancy, and we compromised until wk 20ish (after I was certain placenta was okay)). I was recommended for the 4hr GTT at 28wks, due to age (44!) and the fasting was okay, the first one after the drink was 10.6 (highest normal is 10.5), and the other two fine. I had follow-up bloods last week (fasting and then toast, test again) and they were fine -- I have to go back on the 30th to double check, so in my case, not taking the metformin didn't affect at all and aside from one minor blip, don't have GD.

I was told that metformin may be fine pre-pregnancy (I had lost loads of weight on healthy eating/exercise, which brought my pre-diabetic results to a normal level before starting metformin, which my GP gave me as an aid to hopefully conceiving; it was my underactive thyroid, which was diagnosed last year that, with the metformin and thyroid meds that made the most difference I think...) but if you are diagnosed with possible GD, they try a diabetic diet and then, if you don't respond, insulin -- not metformin -- at least, that is the case in Ireland.

I hope my story helps? best wishes

ps. I wanted to continue in the pregnancy, particularly to 12wks due to the decrease in mc rates in some studies, I wasn't so concerned about diabetes, if that makes sense?

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