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Spotting/bleeding and up/down HCG LEVEL

Hi to all my name is jennifer. I found out i was pregnant on 1-12-03 went i went for my pap nd disccuss with wit my doct why i didnt get my for 3 1/2 months. My LMP WAS 12-26-11 i wanted to get pregnant since may wen i tool my IUD OUT my period came down normally 4 months then it stop till it came down on the 26th. I was very happy wen i found i was preggo. B4 i went to my doct i had spotting off dark/light brown. Thought it was cause my period had nust went up on the 30th. I was feeling very bauseated at wrk was throwing up nd everything but never thought i was pregnant. Had my pap done he cheched my cervix nd everything was ok after had my pregnancy urine tst done a light faint pink line showed up the nurse said oh looks like ur pregnant so he order blood wrk the next day she calls nd confirms that im preggo my level was 296 ut i was spotting light pink she says its norm after a pap nd not to worry the whole weekend was spotting light pink went to the er on that sunday 1-15-12 check my level was 369 nd cervix its closed. Was in the bed rest was 2 days went to my doct saw the midwife they check my HCG LEVEL the next day they call nd say it 498.6 thts its going up but slowly tht maybe i have ectopic pregnancy to go back on tht friday! Im fricking out by now all i can do is cry nd pray! Well friday after wrk i feel wetness i go check nd its blood like a period i clean myself d thts it next day i get this pressure in my rectum i cnt even seat it last for 10 mins goes away later on the night i bleed again like a period but this time i pass a small blood cloth nd i freak out go to sleep had mild cramping next day sunday was fine spotting light pink/brown sunday around 6 go to bathroom more blood like a period nd another tiny bloid cloth i go in to the ER they do an U/S no bby yet cause i was only 3w6d check my cervix its closed which means good sign but my HCG level was 290 has drop still stay positive went to the doct this wed 1-25-12 to recheck my HCG has drop more 190 nd a this time i
Spotting/ light brown pink mild cramping it never stop since i found out im preggo. Going this thrusday 2-2-12 for an U/S ND RECHECK MY HCG LEVEL. IM STILL STAYING POSITIVE but i know tht this isnt normal my hcg dropping b
I havent passed any large cloths or stabbing cramps nd why is my cervix still closed? Im very confused nd worried till i see my hcg level below 5 i wnt say i had a misscarriage! Miracles exist nd i hope my bby makes it we being trying for 7 1/2 months nd now tht we are here all this happens i leave all to god! HAS ANYONE GONE THRO THIS? WHAT YA THINK ITS HAPPING? IM TELY TORED OF THE SPOTTING/BLEEDING. ITS BEING 3 WEEKS ND I DNT KNOW WAT ELSE TO DO,!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

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I'm terribly sorry, but it sounds like you've had an early miscarriage although I'm hoping that this is not the case.
Hope your scan goes well. xx

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I agree. I sounds like you have had a miscarriage. Not everyone has lots od pain especially that early on in pregnancy. I am just finishing one. It has been the most hirrible thing for us both physically and emotionally. I really hope this isn't the case for you but bleeding and falling hcg is typically a clear sign of a miscarriage, but miracles do happen so try to keep your head up till the doctor confirms what is happening.

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