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Pelvis out of alignment

Hi all,
I'm only 11 weeks along but had an early pregnancy scan a couple of weeks ago - thankfully all is ok!
My main concern now is the birth, my pelvis is out of alignment and has been on and off for a couple of years (I keep getting it treated but can never continue for too long as its quite expensive). A friend of mine recently gave birth and had a number of problems due to her pelvis being out of alignment. Her baby got stuck and almost died. She had no idea about her pelvis until after the birth. So I was just wondering if any of you have had similar experiences and if so, what did you do about it before/during the birth?

I have my booking appt next week so I'll ask all of this then too, but I can't stop worrying about it now! Any advice/input is greatly appreciated!

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I would think that with all the problems with your pelvis they will likely offer you a caeser.
Good luck with your appointment.

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Pelvic out of alignment ...

Did you have your baby yet? I was just wondering how your pregnancy is going with your issues that you had with Pelvic out of alignment. I wanted to ask you what treatment have you done before getting pregnant. My friend has the same issue and has seen many chiro, phisio, osteopath and so far with no result. They classified her case as a difficult one. ANy information will be appreciated.
Good luck

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I had and have the same issue. This is my third pregnancy and each time had had chiro adjustments on my pelvis and accupuncture.

I have found it to help - the relaxin hormone helps getting it aligned however it also unaligns just as quick. I wear a support belt too.

It is painful and also places pressure on my sciatic nerve so at times I can barely walk. With my first it bothered me in the 3rd trimester, with my second started in the 2nd trimester and this time just before.

As for the births I've been unaffected. My first was posterior however I still managed a drug free, 4 hour labour. With my second I had a water birth and the labour was 45 minutes.

All the best and keep it monitored and treated. You may find it's just uncomfortable during the pregnancy but won't affect your birth.

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Hi hun. I'm in the same boat. Ended up on crutches with last pregnancy and feeling some pain already at 12 weeks nothing much will help nfortunately but ask for a physio. I just gave birth naturally and on my back as I had no choice! Baby came too quick. You just yell at them not to move your pelvis. They don't offer you a c section for it but if you're in the UK u can request one now xx

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