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Anyone previously had a PPH?

So this is my third baby, due in 3 weeks. My first was a normal, drug free hospital birth but two weeks to the day later I started bleeding very heavily and they called it a delayed or secondary PPH.

My second was born at home, unplanned. He came very quickly and was delivered by paramedics. Once he was out we had to wait over an hour for the midwife so we could deliver the placenta which they weren't allowed to touch. It was a scary moment, waiting to see what would happen but nothing did. My bleeding afterwards was fine. Much lighter the whole time than I'd had with my first.

This time I would love a home birth. After having #2 at home I've realised what a great experience it is. I did even want an unassisted birth but I've been scared out of that by the midwife and doctors constant talk of being high risk due to the PPH.

I'm seeing a consultant tomorrow to talk about whether he thinks a home birth is really a good idea and I'm just so freaked out by it. Previously I'd been calm, thinking the odds of it happening again and more damatically are slim but now I can't get it out of my head.

Problem is the hospital is 45 mins away on a very good day.

Has anyone else had a homebirth after a PPH? What really are the odds of it happening again?

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I had a PPH of over 2.5 litres after my last birth ... She was induced at 35 weeks and it was a classic case of uterine atony following too much syntocinon and baby remaining in the direct OP position (born with ventouse and a brow presentation). This is one of the reasons I want a homebirth this time - all the complications with that labour were completely "man made" so I'm going for a "hands off" approach this time. I'd never had any excessive bleeding with previous births so midwife and consultant are happy for me to homebirth providing everything remains "normal" until delivery.

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In my area you're only considered high risk if it has happened twice before (and same goes for retained placenta), with my second eldest the placenta was huge plus I had been given bad advice to drink ginger and cinnamon tea to bring on labour as he was overdue and it is a natural anti-coagulant, so it took 5 shots of syntometrine in various places on my arm as well as my thigh to stop the bleeding but I didn't suffer any major blood loss thankfully in fact I lost more with my eldest. I got scared this time as the midwife at my 16 week appointment had not worked in labour and delivery for many years and told me that after your fourth baby I would have to have a cannula in my hand and be wired up to a syntometrine drip after having the baby as I would be at a much higher risk of PPH and they'd be very reluctant to let me have a home birth because of this she looked it up on the Internet though and realised guidelines have changed and they only do this if its your 6th or later baby and you have other risk factors as well xx

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