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Home birth with a uterine prolapse?

Why hello there! Bit of a pre-meditated post really, as we're not techincally TTC just yet, but need some advice!

Long story short, I want to avoid a hospital birth at all costs. My lovely other half and I both want to try again, but are both quite terrified of another hospital birth, as the last two were truly awful experiences. Obviously if push came to shove and it was necessary, we would go ahead with delivery in a hospital, but we're hoping with all we have that when the time comes, a home birth is possible.

I discovered my prolapse a few months after giving birth to Cas, now 16 months old, and though it's definitely improved, it's not completely back where it should be.

Has anyone hear gone through pregnancy/labour/birth with a prolapse/history of prolapse? Did your doctors wail words of doom at you? Is there anything in particular to watch out for? Does it actually make me any higher a risk, and does it cause any problems?

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