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Home birth with 2nd baby after medical intervention needed first time round?

Hi all,

Im just wondering whether any of you have had or are having a home birth with 2nd/3rd etc child, after 1st being a bit scary!!

My son was undiagnosed breech and it was all a bit scary getting him out (naturally....too late for anything else by the time anyone realised) and it was a good 20 mins before we were allowed to hold him, after the pead had cleared his lungs and got him breathing.

Im seriously considering a home birth this time (providing the position of the baby is confirmed by a u/s) but my hubby is really against the idea! I totally undertand his worries, but my main reason for considering this is, my first labour was only 2.5 hrs... i live a 40 min drive from the hospital, much more if its rush im panicing that i'll end up giving birth at the side of the road with no id rather be at home with a mw!

Input welcome

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my first was ventouse assisted birth in a MW unit after the waterbirth plan got chucked out the window, honestly i could have done number 2 at home had i been brave enough at the time it was such a simple labour and delivery, and number 3 was unassisted at home, number 4 will defo be a homebirth

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my first was a NIGHTMARE birth, narrowly escaped a emc, and had just about every intervention under the sun, but I am still going for an all natural birth this time too.

I think the best person to talk to this about would be your midwife, and maybe have your DH there with you while discussing it so he can have a professional's views, that might help change his mind. Voice your concerns and experiences from your first birth, and make sure you don't leave anything out, that way, she can give you the best answer possible concerning your unique situation. That being said, I wouldn't see why not to have a home birth, especially if you have quick labors. If you are worried about future children being breech again, have them keep a good eye out for it during the pregnancy, and there are a bunch of natural ways to encourage your baby to flip too, just in case they are breech.

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With mybfirstvi had PROM, was 3 cm 24hours later but they wanted to start pitocin, was awful ended up with epidural, episiotomy and forceps. All totally unnecessary!! I had a HB planned for the next time,I transferred due to meconium in waters (again unnecessary as was not distressed!) but my labour and birth were natural was just in the wrong setting in the end. Will definatly be planning one again. Go for it I say. Xx

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