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I've been blessed with two home births, and am hoping for a third. The birth pool is amazing, and I was in the most comfortable environment possible (home).

wannabubba, huge congrats on your home birth!!!!

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I live near Diss, so I may be near to you!
My first home birth was fantastic it would break my heart if I had to go the hospital this time,
I woke up at 6am with light pain.
My waters broke 15 mins later,
Contractions were 6 minutes apart so I rang the hospital at 7am
The Midwife arrived at 7:30 and left at 8:30 saying that I was only 2cm dilated
By 10am I was ready to push, I phoned the Midwives
They arrived at 10.30 and I was fully dilated
They put the shower curtains, towels out etc and I started pushing at 10:45
My LO arrived at 11:27
The worse pain was having a cramp in my leg whilst having the stitches!
My official labour time is around 2 1/2 hours there is no way that I could have sat in the car to get to the hospital.

I'm planning another Home Birth but this time I have a toddler and I am a bit worried about her but hopefully it'll work out fine

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I used to live in eye but I'm now in norwich!

That sounds great! I have two now but I don't mind them being about. I would love a homebirth. I hope I feel confident enough about it nearer the time!


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