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Overdue-feel like my homebirth dream is slipping away! :-(

I'm 8 days overdue now, and my local nhs policy want to induce at 13 days overdue. I'm so frustrated, and in real physical pain too.

Is it that black as white that if you go over the 12 days they won't allow home birth?

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I think honestly hun its upto you. They cannot force you to be induced as long as baby is doing ok. I have heard of a few woman who have gone over the 14 days over but have to have more regular monitoring of their baby. But dont worry hunt here is still time yet for baby to come on their own before you have to worry about anything like that xx

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They definitely can't force you to induce, my sister refused at 40+10 and was given a scan to check placenta function and baby's size etc, and all was fine when he was born a couple of days later. As for home birth, I'm pretty sure they can only advise against it; they can't stop you as long as everything seems fine with baby.

I hope baby comes on his own before you reach that point anyway! Fingers crossed when things start it'll be quick

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I refused induction at 40+12,had monitoring had a scan at 40+14. And had a home water birth is 40+16. No arguments from the mws and consultant I was due to be back at the hospital later the day I had him to have more monitoring

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