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Originally Posted by PugLuvAh View Post
I'd say something, not because I think you have to, but because if I heard moaning/yelling coming from my neighbours that I didn't know very well, I would be concerned there was something wrong and might call the police or an ambulance depending on what I heard.

If you don't want to talk in person, maybe write them a card and stick it in their door? I probably wouldn't do it till I was 8 months along or so...Just let them know you are planning a home birth and wanted to warn them it could get noisy based on previous experience. Give them your due date with "apologies" in advance.
See that's what I was thinking. The last thing we need in the middle of labour is flashing blue lights arriving and messing the atmosphere up lol.

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I wouldn't bother telling the neighbours, personally.

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I didn't tell mine. It's a private thing you are doing in your house IMHO. They've seen your bump I'm sure they will put 2 & 2 together. If they get concerned & knock or anything I'm sure the mw or your oh won't mind explaining then. That's what I'd do esp if you don't talk to them.
Hope it all goes well x

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I can see why you would want to tell them. I'd probably be concerned if I heard my neighbour screaming.
I'd probably just send hubby round once you're in labour.

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I have really thin walls and my neighbours had no idea when I was in labour. I had already told one side I was having a home birth but only because she worked at my doctors and she sent through some paperwork to the home birth team. She was very excited and promised to be on standby with a boiling kettle and some towels!

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