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I went to a birth centre with my first because I wanted to have a natural birth but since it was our first we wanted to be closer to medical care just in case. (Otherwise I would have gone for a home birth.) The birth centre we went to was actually attached to a hospital, though that wasn't a necessity for me. Honestly, I feel safer giving birth away from medical intervention, so a hospital wouldn't have been right for us.

My first birth was fine, bar some arguments with the midwife on call. We were able to switch midwives though and then it was fine. For this baby I'm going for a home birth.

To have a good labour, you need to be able to relax, so whatever environment gives you that, go for it.

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I was too overweight for the birth centre otherwise I would have gone to one with my son. I instead went to a birthing suit within a hospital, that had pools etc.

You have your own chosen midwife through pregnancy and birth here, and they can attend to you at home, hospital or birthing centre which is pretty cool.

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This my first and I also chose a birth center. Ideally I'd want to have a home birth but given that we are living in a travel trailer there's not much of a place to do it. Took a tour of it the first prenatal appt I had with my MW. There's a bed, bath, yoga ball and plenty of space to walk around. Very cozy!

Before I had heard other mothers' perspective on hospital v natural birthing I knew that I did not want to be in a hospital! Generally I just disagree with their protocols and having 50+ people rushing around while I'm trying to deliver just seems stressful.

The hospital is 5 min away from the birth center should anything emergent happen. The MW at the center will pop in and out until I start crowning leaving alone time with DH and I. We are planning on using the tub and a massager obn my back to relax and speed the process along.

Mostly I am nervous about the pain--the worst I've experienced thus far was acute appendicitis leading to an emergency appendectomy. But all in all, birth is a beautiful natural thing and as long as I understand what my body is doing then it should take a lot of the perception of pain away.

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I had my first two in a midwife led unit attached to the main maternity unit at my hospital, the other three have all been homebirths

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I had my first and second at home with an experienced independent MW. We also live close to the hospital. We are planning our 3rd home birth in June. We didn't start off planning a home birth with our first but after visiting the hospital I realised they were not supportive of natural birth and their intervention happy attatude scared me.

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I had my first at a birth center attached to a hospital. I just had my 2nd and first labor was definitely longer and more tiring but not more painful if that makes you feel better. I labored in the tub both times and I highly recommend just make sure you have a support person ready with some cold compresses. I have a crooked spine.. scoliosis kyphosis and lordosis, so I didn't want a spinal. I labored for 12 hrs including an hour and a half of pushing, by the time the pain got unbearable it was almost time to push, so drugs wouldn't have been very beneficial and would have likely just caused things to drag out. I definitely recommend staying home as long as you can and sleeping if possible. I loved the support I got from the birthing center. Having your first natural is possible and totally worth it, just make sure the center and ur support team support your goals and don't offer you a bunch of unnecessary interventions.

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I'm a ftm and am really hoping to give birth at a birth center as long as my pregnancy stays complication-free. Right now I am a perfect candidate, and hope I stay that way.

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