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With my 1st i was convinced i was dying during transition ( my labour was 41 hours all up and i was absolutely spent by the time he was born ) i stood on the bed completely naked and told them all i was going home i grabbed the student Dr by the hand and growled at him to "cut this thing out of me right now" i cringe just thinking about it. I dis apologize to every one after over and over again. He delivered my 2nd and i was much more polite that time.

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All my funny stories are from my first labour .
I was very vocal, and I remember telling the midwife at one point that I sounded like a dying goose. She asked me how I know what a dying goose sounds like.
Then I had been trying not to push for 2 hours because my MW said I wasnt dilated enough but my body really needed to push (I should have just let it lol) which was excruciating. A few times I hadn't been able to help myself and pushed and I would tell her "I'm not pushing, I promise. I'm just pooping a little bit"
And then when her head came out after 2 1/2 hours of pushing and she told me to stop pushing I asked what was wrong. Looked down and saw the back of her head, but as she had been posterior all labour I had been expecting to see her face so I freaked out and asked what was wrong with her and why she didn't have a face.

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Lol!! Thanks girls for the laughs!!

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