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Faster labours

Okay sooo the theory goes that each labour gets faster, right? Sophie took 8h, Maddie took 90mins... I'm anticipating this baby being even faster.

I want to labour at home, but I have an irregular heartbeat so I dont think they will let me given that I need iron after birth. Im a 10 mins car ride from the hospital, not including cab wait times as we dont drive.

What would you do here?

If I need after birth help with iron or bloods, will the midwives call an ambulance to the hospital (if I homebirth?) for postnatal care?

In middlesbrough, they sweep you at 38weeks. Could I ask for the sweep to be in hospital so I can stay til labour?


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My labours have all got faster my first was 2 hours, second was 90 mins and third was 40 mins (we didn't make it to hospital).

You can talk to your midwife about a home birth if that's what you want and they can refer you to the superviser of midwives to try and put a plan in place and talk you through your options, it would give you chance to talk about your fears and discuss your options. (I'm a student midwife and I've known women have homebirths in all sorts of circumstances )

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