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Faster labours

Okay sooo the theory goes that each labour gets faster, right? Sophie took 8h, Maddie took 90mins... I'm anticipating this baby being even faster.

I want to labour at home, but I have an irregular heartbeat so I dont think they will let me given that I need iron after birth. Im a 10 mins car ride from the hospital, not including cab wait times as we dont drive.

What would you do here?

If I need after birth help with iron or bloods, will the midwives call an ambulance to the hospital (if I homebirth?) for postnatal care?

In middlesbrough, they sweep you at 38weeks. Could I ask for the sweep to be in hospital so I can stay til labour?


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My labours have all got faster my first was 2 hours, second was 90 mins and third was 40 mins (we didn't make it to hospital).

You can talk to your midwife about a home birth if that's what you want and they can refer you to the superviser of midwives to try and put a plan in place and talk you through your options, it would give you chance to talk about your fears and discuss your options. (I'm a student midwife and I've known women have homebirths in all sorts of circumstances )

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My labours have been 34hrs, 6 hrs, 2.5 hrs ,4hrs, 5hrs, and 3hrs so far, last four all natural homebirths some in water some not,

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Originally Posted by maddiesmum1 View Post
Okay sooo the theory goes that each labour gets faster, right? Sophie took 8h, Maddie took 90mins... I'm anticipating this baby being even faster.
I wish this was true. I had a 12 hour with DS1, 4 hours with DS2 and JUST made it to L&D so I thought naturally, 4 hours or less with DS3. Nope. Lol. 12 hours. But it wasn't that bad and I managed the whole thing drug free (minus the 10-20 minutes of gas at the end to stop me from wanting to push. Was a distraction mainly).

If you have issue with iron levels are delivery then I would ask about being admitted to the Labour wards after your sweep if that will put your mind at ease.

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Ok I'm interested how your third birth does go OP. I had a 4 hr labour, 90 minute labour that ended in a car birth. So this one we are doing a hb and we'll see how fast it goes. I hope it's fast, otherwise I really used a lot of gas with my first and I'd like to use that if it's longer than 2 hrs!!

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I don't no how long my first took because by the time I realised I was in labour it was too late and I ended up delivering at home with paramedics but I'm sure it was a good few hours.

This one I had a sweep and then had Braxton hicks for the next day and half. But from the start of my first regular contraction to delivering my son it was 3 and half hours. It took an hour to go from every 10 minutes to every 5 minutes. Got to hospital 2 hours after it started and I was 5cm and I started pushing an hour later and was only pushing for 12 minutes.
I'm certain it was quicker than my first (if I don't count the irregular contractions/Braxton hicks) I remember feeling some weird feelings hours before I had my first.

I think if it's a complication free and very similar birth it's usually quicker but if something is different I think it doesn't matter

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Old Jan 4th, 2018, 12:42 PM   7
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First, 6 hours
Second, 2.5 hours
Expecting #3 so a little worried about how fast it could potentially be?!

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4th birth contractions started at 0530.. got to the hospital at 11am and baby was born at 11:28. Hard labor lasted maybe last 20min, the rest was bearable. None of my labors were super long though and all of my sisters were more than 24hrs

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Old Mar 19th, 2018, 07:00 AM   9
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DS1 26.5 hours (one hour pushing). Zero drugs
DS2 8 hours (about ten minutes pushing). Gas & air
DD 9 hours (about five minutes pushing), I think she would have arrived a lot earlier had my waters broken on their own. Once they broke them she flew out. I used gas and air minimally towards the end, I really wasn't in much pain with her throughout, I think it was more because they didn't want me to push yet

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1st 7 hours
2nd 4 hours
3rd 3 days 😥
Number 4 on the way...

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