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Thanks Claire and mummytochloe!!!

Jenni is busy with her LO as Manda says but do keep posting your positive stories and we will get them all on the front page in time x

Supporting birthing women in Yorkshire, Humberside, Manchester, Merseyside & the surrounding areas.
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oh yay, just noticed this finally got stickied!

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Natural birth in a birthing centre.

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Here is mine:

Mine is a natural birth in a hospital.

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Great story TnMe! Thank you for sharing

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I had planned on a natural birth at home however my husband just wasn't comfortable with me being at home and so in the end I was happy to go to hospital and I had plans for a natural birth there.

This was baby #2 for me, and basically it was awesome. Went into labour at 3.30am and contractions were 5m apart, left to go to the hospital at 5 as I felt that things were progressing quite quickly. I got to the hospital and the MW checked me over I was 4.5cm dilated so the mw told me that she thought it would be a bit of time yet, this was about 6am. At 7 am I had a sensation to push and a few minutes later at 7.07am I gave birth to my daughter Olivia.

I have to say I was panicking a little because it was pretty intense as it moved so fast but it truly was a wonderful experience. I had no pain control and no tearing, and have been up and about every day since the birth. I could not have asked for anything better.

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Hello ladies. Only just come across this thread. My son is now nearly 8 months old, but I hope my positive natural birthing story might help someone else. Best of luck to all you mum2bes x

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Finally done mine lol


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Homebirth of my daughter 28th March 2011

My natural home birth/waterbirth with my beautiful Leilani:


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Here's mine.. very very positive

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