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I'll go find mine I didn't give birth with a MW, just two paramedics, I'd planned an epidural at hospital on my back birth but had an beautiful homebirth as my boy decided to come very quickly I'd never go to hospital to birth again

There we go:

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Old Oct 15th, 2011, 13:37 PM   72
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Here is the link to my (home) birth story in my journal:

Birth Story

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Old Oct 16th, 2011, 18:46 PM   73
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Here's a link to my natural homebirth story

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Birth story on Livejournal

If it's not OK to link to a non-BNB journal, please nudge me ASAP and I'll remove the link. This is a public link to my son's birth story (with pictures). I didn't want to put up a new post in the birth announcements section because, well, he's two and it's not really news, but I feel like there need to be as many positive natural/home birth stories out there as possible! I remember when I was pregnant I could not get enough of them!

First baby, born at home, born fast, born without drugs, and nearly without a midwife!

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Great idea! Thanks!

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wow it was awesome to see mine there lol! i just read thru mine again with tears in my eyes, hard to believe only one more week and the gorjuss little girl will be 1

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Just a warning... My story is very long and detailed Didn't want to forget anything!

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Here you are:

Definitely a very positive experience

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I was induced... but apart from the drip I had an otherwise natural, drug free birth. It was definitely an empowering, positive experience so I hope I can share my story here to show others that an induction can be positive and doesn't mean you need an epidural.

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i gave birth totally alone, but still a very positive and empowering experience!

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