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Your birth is not and accident waiting to happen....

Just read this great blog post here - I thought you ladies would really appreciate it.

Supporting birthing women in Yorkshire, Humberside, Manchester, Merseyside & the surrounding areas.
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Thanks so much for this!! It's pretty much everything I want to say only in actual words I can never seem to come up with. I've now shared it on facebook and my blog hahaha.

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Love it! Saved it to my favs!

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i love this,
so sick of people saying there's no point in having a plan you'll just get disapointed, i think there's a big difference between having a goal and being tunnel visioned and naive. your more likely to have positive experience if you focus yourself.

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Brilliant article..

I have to admit I have said the sorts fo phrases in the blog.. such as "don't get to bogged down in your birth plan" or "you don't have to go into that much detail"

However, my perspective for saying these things is that peoples' birth plans seem to be in 2 sections, one for natural, which is usauly short (afterall there isn't all that much you can say about it, afterall it's natural), and another much longer section for all the "ifs", "buts" and "maybes" I don't think that it is postive to dredge through all of that on your birth plan.

I would throughly recommend researching all the ifs and buts, but I don't think it has a place on your "plan" as such.. as it is almost giving pre-permission for interventions to take place, which I don't see as essential, as you will be consulted if it comes to it anyways.

I hope someones knows what I'm getting at here and what I'm on about?! ;-)

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