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Lotus Birth

Morning ladies was wondering has anyone previously had a Lotus Birth? I have been reading Sarah Buckley's gentle birth,gentle mothering and i am 99% leaning towards doing it just wondering what actual practacalities are if anyone has experience of this thanks

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Snagglepat has had 2 lotus births and I'm sure theres someone else planning one.....

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We had one.

The first day we just didn't cut the cord and put it in a bucket for the night. After 24 hours, we washed the placenta in the bathroom sink and put sea salt flakes on both sides. We just repeated that until the cord separated which was after 5 days and it separated right at base.

It was a bit of a pain moving her around but it encouraged us to take it slow. Remember that you can mold the cord into a position that is easy in those first few hours after birth and it will dry that way. If the bas gets a bit yucky, put a bit of breastmilk on it. Like a cord stump, if it has a particularly horrible smell, get it checked out. You can have it cut at any time if it is bothering you.

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