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Waterbirth in hospital....

Hey guys
This is my first post in this section so hoping you will be able to help me.
I'm 35+2 weeks pregnant. I really want to have a waterbirth and we had the tour of the labour ward etc on saturday afternoon. I saw the birthing pool and really liked the idea of it. I am desperate to avoid taking any of the drugs offered (hospital doesnt actually offer epidurals, not that I'd want one) and plan on only using gas and air.
The midwives mentioned that the birthing pool (there's just the one at my hospital) doesn't get used that much and that no partners have ever been in the pool. We had kind of planned on OH being in the pool with me but now I'm starting to think maybe there's a reason that they aren't. They also mentioned that OH's can pick the baby up first as opposed to midwives which I quite like the idea of.
I was just wondering if anyone else has had a waterbirth and had their OH in the pool/picking baby up first?

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I had a hospital waterbirth, and loved it! DH stayed on dry land, and I scooped the baby up out of the water but he's very squeamish, so the idea of being in the water with blood was an absolute no no for him. I was also very anti touching in labour, so he'd probably have had his head bitten off if he'd tried to get in! If both of you are comfortable with it though, go for it!

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If both of you want to get in, then go for it! I can't think of any reason not to, apart from personal choice.

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I want a hospital water birth

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