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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Please Dont Judge Me.

Hi, im Erica im 16 & trying to have a baby. I jus got off my period 2 days ago 6-27 me and my boyfriend have been having sex for 6 days straight no condon no pull out. You think theres a chance i couldve concieved considering i was on my period for the first couple days.

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I am sorry but this forum has a rule of no girls under 18 participating in trying to conceive discussions. X

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You are not allowed to post on this forum about trying for a baby under 18.

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Welcome to BnB

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Although I dont support you in trying to get pregnant at only 16 years of age, and i will not provide you with information on how to make it easier for you to conceive. I do have a little bit of advice for you.. although you seem to have your mind made up, do some research on teen pregnancy & its risks. This may be a decision that you are not ready to make. You clearly are uneducated on this topic and there for should really rethink things. Although i am not a doctor i believe that based on what you have said & how ovulation commonly works that you are probably not pregnant. PLEASE reconsider!

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BabyandBump operates a strict NO under 18's using the forum for the following:
Waiting to try (WTT)
Trying to conceive (TTC)
Two Week Wait (2WW)
(Non-pregnant minors using the 'Teen Pregnancy' forum may have their account restricted or banned without warning).

BabyandBump does not support minors 'Trying to Conceive'. While we understand that teenage pregnancy is becoming more and more common we do not endorse those under the legal adult age (18 years old) trying to get pregnant, and as such all threads pertaining to this will be locked.
Closed as per forum rules regarding under 18s

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