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Name: Saki but I go by Amy most of the time.

Age: 32

Location: USA.

Occupation: SAHM.

Short Personal Description: Mom to my two beauties, Emi and Nina who are 5 and 2.


Hobbies: Photography, drawing, cooking & baking

Food: Sushi

Books: I don't read too much.

Movies: Disney movies.

Digging Deeper:

Most Influential Person in Your Life: My Mom

Greatest Ambition: To be a good Mom.

Biggest Achievement: My family

What You Can't Live Without: My family and my phone!

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Hello everyone! I am Gregory, I have two little sons and I am here for ideas and inspiration

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Name: Brigitte, but everyone calls me Cici

Age: 29

Location: Australia.

Occupation: Cosmetic Expert

Short Personal Description: Trying to conceive and an aunt to a beautiful Sophie

Hobbies: Photography, dancing

Food: fish

Books: I don't read too much.

Movies: Triller ones

Most Influential Person in Your Life: My Sister

Greatest Ambition: To be a good Mom, wife, and friend

Biggest Achievement: My family

What You Can't Live Without: My family and my garden

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A Little About Me

Name: Samantha

Age: 34

Location: Cornwall

Occupation: Full time mum & carer

Short Personal Description: I recently got married after being with my partner for 13 years. Mum to two 11 & 6, 2 cats, 1 dog, kids would have more but seriously its a full house . Currently we have been TTC no3 and only one person in our family knows, so needed somewhere where i can chat to my hearts content.


Hobbies: crafting, cooking, designing, gaming, doing activities with the kids & a few more i cannot remember.

Color: Lilac

Food: Fajitas, anything with pasta & fruit

Hang-out: Home or my mums

Music: I have loved KPOP for the last 20 years, but i love all types of music.

Books: anything crime, thriller etc

Movies: Everything and anything

TV Shows: The walking dead, Fear the walking dead, Ghost whisperer, CSI, bones, supernatural, gilmoore girls, shadow hunters, anime etc

Authors: James Patterson, Anne rice & a few more.

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: New york again and south korea / japan

Most Influential Person in Your Life: My nan from my past and my mum.

Greatest Ambition: To be myself and give my kids the best memories and start i can

Biggest Achievement: both of my kids and our wedding.

Grandest Wish: For my family to be healthy and happy

What You Can't Live Without : the walking dead lol, my family, my kids, my animals & flavored water.

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Name: Jessica

Age: 40

Location: Connecticut, US

Occupation: Thirty-One Consultant and SAHM

Short Personal Description: I have been married for 15 years and have three amazing boys and three angels. Alex and Jonathan are 12, and Christian is 5. We also have a cat, Chloe and two gerbils - Midnight & Misty. I have fibromyalgia and other health problems, but I'm trying really hard to get better.


Hobbies: I used to love cooking and baking, but since finding out I have Celiac and lots of other food sensitivities, I have to relearn how to all over again. I love to crochet and read.

Color: orange

Food: It used to be chocolate. But I still love lobster and raspberries

Hang-out: mostly at home

Music: classic rock

Books: pretty much anything I can get my hands on

Movies: Apollo 13, Fantastic Beasts, The Devil Wears Prada, Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, The Theory of Everything

TV Shows: Designated Survivor, This is Us, Gotham, Kevin Probably Saves the World, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Stranger Things, Pillars of the Earth, Riverdale, Timeless, Rise

Cartoon Character: Jiminy Cricket, Goofy, Eeyore, Alice, Baymax

Digging Deeper

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: Ireland

Most Influential Person in Your Life: My mom

Greatest Ambition: To get healthy

Biggest Achievement: Raising three boys!

Grandest Wish: To be healthy

What You Can't Live Without : My family

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A Little About Me

Name: Tabitha/Tabby

Age: 28

Location: Notts

Occupation: Stay at home mum

Short Personal Description: I'm from Nottingham, I have a son who's almost 3 and a daughter who is 6 months already (December '17). My life literally revolves around my babies and that is a choice I made. I have a wonderful husband and before kids took over my life, I worked for him, we were and still are a pretty good team.


Hobbies: Hiking, or any kind of walking, drinking cocktails,
travelling pre-children and hopefully again soon!

Color: Black

Food: Toad in the hole, crepes, and as a mother = COFFEE!

Hang-out: My sofa

Music: Folk-punk-country-bluegrass-pop-RnB just not heavy metal or rock or electro/dance music! Current favourite band The Eskies from Ireland and younger self loved and still loves McFly. Solo artists Johnny Cash and Beyonce so yeah bit of an unusual mix lol.

Books: Private Peaceful (when I was younger and still amazing now)

Movies: Lucky number Slevin, Ocean's 11,12,13, Unusual Suspects, Harry Potter

TV Shows: The Heist, Stranger Things, Gossip Girl, Sex and the City

Authors: I love a good book but it's been a while since I was blown away, will has to think on it.

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: An exotic island eg. Bora Bora

Most Influential Person in Your Life: My mum

Greatest Ambition: To travel the world and for my children to grow up aspiring to be like me as a parent

Biggest Achievement: Leaving home age 18 to move abroad

Grandest Wish: To always have a happy and healthy family

What You Can't Live Without : Chocolate and instagram (and of course my babies, but chocolate comes pretty close! :P )

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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A little about me!


I discovered this forum when I started searching for 10 DPO symptoms. So here I am! A little about me:

A Little About Me

Name: Jessie

Age: 28

Location: Bay Area, California

Occupation: Instructional Designer/ Training Specialist

Short Personal Description: I am originally from Oregon, but moved to the bay area about 7 years ago after marrying my incredible husband.


Hobbies: Adventures! I love horror movies too. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure that stuck around through all my childhood and adulthood. I am an avid reader and will read almost anything!

Color: Black

Food: Soup. I love soup.

Hang-out: My nook in my room! I built it.

Music: Everything. I have an affinity for Queen, Billy Talent and Miike Snow

Books: Harry Potter (of course), Pillars of The Earth, Anything by Stephen King

Movies: Schindler's List is my favorite movie.

TV Shows: Bob's Burgers, Law & Order: SVU, American Horror Story

Authors: Stephen King, JK Rowling, Joe Hill, Ken Follett.

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: Tanzania. I have to see the Olduvai Gorge.

Most Influential Person in Your Life: My Gram Grams. She passed in my and my cousin's arms October 5th, 2017. Her husband passed a little less than 2 months later. My husband and I were married on my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary while my grandparent's renewed their vows next to us. 2017 was a tough year for us, but I believe it is Gram Gram's incredible spirit that has helped me grow into the woman I am today. (sorry if it's too cliche)

Greatest Ambition: Write a dissertation.

Biggest Achievement: Moving abroad without my DH, becoming an trained Archaeologist, being married to a guy who is ok with the house being a littttttle messy- I can't handle messy!

Grandest Wish: That my dogs would live forever.

What You Can't Live Without : My husband, he's really super amazing and my absolute best friend in the world. I just adore him even when he leaves the toilet seat up. Soup. Music. My dogs. My in-laws. My parents. Lobster. No particular order .

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hello, am joining!
Name: Regina
Age: 42 yrs old
Location: France, Paris
Occupation: teacher
Short Personal Description: mom to an adorable ivf son
Hobbies: sewing, reading
Food: healthy dieting
Books: too many!!
Digging Deeper:
Most Influential Person in Your Life: dh
Greatest Ambition: to have more kids
Biggest Achievement: family
What You Can't Live Without: family & PC

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